About Us

We Do Stickers is a lockdown baby.  Our parent company is We Do Printing, and mainly works with hospitality, events and music over the last 15 years.  So think everything from business cards for hotels to branding for Electric Picnic. March 2020 threw all that up in the air, with each of the 3 sectors being shut down over night.  We took a few days off and came up with a plan.  

We have been printing stickers and labels for nearly 15 years but with the huge change that lockdown brought they were brought to the forefront.  With a coffee shop in every horse box, and take-out being the new going out we realised that they all needed branding.  Cups and boxes needed custom labels and new companies popping up needed stickers to give out to their new customers.  In May 2020 we invested in new equipment allowing us to produce labels on rolls, and also high quality custom stickers with a variety of adhesives and finishes.  There’s a chance you stood one one of our social distancing stickers while queueing for your takeout.

In 2021 we set up our online store, and have been adding to it.  We aim to produce high quality personalised stickers and labels on rolls at a decent price.  We could race to the bottom and use cheaper materials and processes but it will affect the end product.  Just look at stickers on lampposts around the city, you can spot a well made one a mile away, with cheaper materials peeling off and fading. 

All of our stickers and labels are produced in our factory in Kilcoole in Co. Wicklow (aka Glenroe).  The aim is to get your stickers out in 3 days, and we’d love to work with you.